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Epirus Ioannina

11 photos of Ioannina

June 8, 2019

Welcome to Ioannina in the northwest of Greece. Here I have spent at least a few weeks every summer the last 30 years. Ioannina is our family’s home base in Greece. The city is visited by Greeks and foreigners who love nature experiences of all kinds. In other words there are mountains, exciting landscapes, high mountain peaks, rapids, ravines and many trails to wander in. My 11 photos of Ioannina gives you a small preview of what this city has to offer.

So finely last year Ioannina got its first charter travellers from Sweden. As an example you can check the charter flights from Sweden to Zagori region and Papigo at . Its only 45 minutes drive to the 46 stone villages of Zagori from the city. In addition its one hour to Albania if you want to take your first day trip there.

Stories from Ioannina

The most famous family is probably Averoff. Evangelos in the Averoff family were foreign minister and defense minister in Greece. He founded Metsovo’s art museum, vineyard and other cultural activities for the area. Secondly the most famous woman is Kyra Frosini, a woman from the upper class by the end of the 1700s. Probably immersed in the lake Pamvotida along with 16 other women by Ali Pasha. He was Albanian ruler who ruled over region where Ioannina was the capital. If it was because of political reasons or of jealousy there are different opinions about that. Thirdly the city’s most famous sport is the canoe. You may get a glimpse of the canoeists as you walk by the lakeside.

What to do & see

Pamvotida lake

Walk down the main street Averoff towards the lake and explore the history of the city. This is the meeting point in town with a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars. Take a walk by the lakeside or Molos as it called by the locals. And why not capture 11 beautiful photos or more of Ioannina for your Instagram stories.

The Island

To Nisi means The Island in Greek. After 15 minutes boat trip from Molos you will be able to explore the little village of the families living with fishing and tourism on the island. There are charming houses and alleys to stroll in, shops with handwork from the neighborhood and silver jewelry to see as Ioannina is famous for its many silver smiths. Seven monasteries was built here and was once an excellent place to live as a monk. Most important The Island is known for the murder of the powerful ruler Ali Pasha. His home and house on the island is now a museum and attracts many visitors.

Old Castle

Ioannina’s old castle was built during the Byzantine era, its the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece. Besides the culture sights in old town you will find charming houses and alleys here. Most importantly is Its Kale where you find nicely preserved buildings from the Ottoman Empire. The area used to be Ali Pasha’s palace. For example you have the minaret, a large kitchen that is now a charming café. Likewise the Byzantine Museum, and a Silversmiths museum are located in the park. I addition concerts and other cultural events might be on the agenda while you strolling or sit at the café.
Another impressive building is Aslan Pasha Mosque building, which today houses the Ethnographic Museum of Ioannina. Below you find my 11 best photos of Ioannina in the top locations of the city.

Where to eat

Every autumn, new students come from all over Greece and Cyprus and are looking for accommodation, Ioannina is a university city. Here, it is bursting with life in the city’s cafes, bars and restaurants. Below you find a few examples of restaurants I have visited more than once.

  • Seirioskouzina – Patriarhi Evangelidou 1. Located near the lakeside serves greek dishes with a meditarrenian touch.
  • Parko Naftikou Omilou – Kanari 10 Limnopoula . Trendy restaurant by the lake with greek food and a lot of vegetarian dishes.
  • Mpoukia Mpoukia – Akadimias 4. Cozy restaurant resided in a two-storied neoclassical house with a lovely garden.
  • Frontzu Politia – Agia Triados Hill. If you want to have the best view of Ioannina in a classy restaurant this is your choice.
  • Rakoumel – Kallari 30. Located just outside one of the entrances of the old castle. Here you will find mezedes in a cozy atmosphere, a meeting point for all ages.

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One of the entrances of the old castle
Charming houses
Alleys in the old town
Fethiye Mosque – Its Kale
Old weapon storehouse
Pamvotida lake
Old Cook Shop
Epirus Ioannina

I’m back!

January 25, 2019

I am back after a long break from social media with this photo and the fisherman by the lakeside of Pamvotida lake in Ioannina. I envy the fisherman’s lifestyle, a daily life without stress and deadlines. In the middle of the university city of Ioannina and yet in a calm as few can get away in today’s digital world.

What lifestyle have you chosen in your daily life? Do you live in a big city, in the countryside or somewhere in between? Do you hear the birds in the morning or are you sitting with the headphones on the bus on your way to work? I envy those who left the big city and moved to the countryside and chosen a still life…

The fisherman

Have you heard the story about the fisherman who lives in the present?
A poor fisherman sat on the beach when a rich businessman passed by.
“Why do you sit here with a lazy look? Why are you not fishing?” the businessman asked.
“Because I caught enough fish for today,” said the fisherman. “Now I’m sitting here enjoying the sun.”

The businessman shook his head.
“Now when you have time you could catch more fish, do not just sit here and do nothing”
“What would I do with the fish,” wondered the fisherman.
“You could sell it and earn lots of money,” said the businessman. “Buy one bigger boat with bigger engine and fish even more and earn more money.”

“What would I do then?” wondered the fisherman.
“You should be able to sit and just enjoy life”, said the businessman.
“I do that right now”, said the poor fisherman.

Lake Pamvotida

Lake Pamvotida is the only lake in Greece with an inhabited island within its perimeter. And maybe one of the resons why it’s such a popular travel destination. Ioannina is the capital of the Greek province of Epirus. The city has about 100,000 inhabitants. Ioannina can be followed back to the 900’s but became important as Epirus’s first city in 1204 and became independent in 1913.

The photo is shot from Aslan Pasha Mosque in the old castle of Ioannina. The island or to nisi as the greeks says is interesting with its history and role as the scene of the murder of Ali Pasha, ruler over Ioannina in the 1800s.

Epirus Ioannina

It’s all about the light

May 19, 2018

I love to photograph when I travel and explore new places or destinations. And of course I want to take some great photos. I’ve had my current camera for more than a year and it’s not always easy to learn all the amazing features that are in it. I practice as often as I can and not only when I’m on holiday in Greece. Often my composition in the image is perfect, but the colors in the picture are not always as expected. A lot of hours of practice and many photos later provide experiences. Sharing my non technical tips for your first camera users. Simple practical tips how you capture your photos outdoors & and all about the light in you captures.

My best tips

  • The light is alfa and the omega as the greeks says, and makes the difference between a good photo and the best photo. The image tends to get sharp shadows and shapes when you take it in the middle of the day, specially during the summer. The best light is available in the morning or in the afternoon, the “golden hour” is often the hour before the sunset.
  •  But often when we travel, we do not have the luxury to be in place early or late in the day. I usually look for a shadow to stand in and shoot from that spot, it gives my photos a softer impression and bring some more colours in my picture.
  •  Another tip is to shoot the image from several directions. For example, on a street, I shoot the picture in two different directions. Sometimes the difference is seen immediately in the camera or mobile phone and sometimes you see it when you export the picture to your computer. For example in the picture above in the village Mikro Papigo in Zagori I tested the shooting from both directions.
Epirus Ioannina

Zagori – beyond the mountains

April 28, 2018

In the region of Epirus, in the north west of Greece, you will find the of Zagori. In short its 46 stone villages in a magnificent landscape or beyond the mountains. Just one hour drive from the city Ioannina.

I grew up in Stockholm, in the middle of the city. Landscapes views and nature were not around the corner. It was usually up to date on summer holidays when we went to Greece. However the exception is my earliest childhood year when I lived with my grandparents in a small mountain village. As the years goes by I’m drawn to the mountains like a magnet and love the views of the those hilly landscapes…


Zagori means beyond the mountains, from the Slavic za “behind” and gore “mountain”. During the Ottoman era Zagori flourished and that is evident in the architecture of the houses, the unique bridges and monasteries. Kalderimi is the name of the cobblestone paved roads around the stone villages in Zagori. Most importantly they are designed for foot and hoofed traffic and tie together many of the villages in the region. Zagoria or Zagori or Zagorochoria (villages of Zagori) is divided into three regions, western, eastern and central Zagori. Here is the attractions you do not want to miss.

Megalo Papingo


The villages you must visit here is Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo, its the villages in the photos aboveWe actually stayed here at Mikro Papigo hotel and from here you can start your hiking up to the mountain top of mountain Tymfi and reach the top Gamilla with an altitude of 2436m. Beside the mountains you have the famous lake Drakolimni on the way up and about 4,5 hours from Papingo. In between the two villages you will find the natural swimming pools of Rogovo. On your way to the village Aristi, stop at Aristi bridge and perhaps join the rafting groups for a pleasant rafting tour in the river of Voidomatis.


Above all the main attraction here is Vikos gorge, listed as the deepest gorge in the world by Guinness Book of Record. It begins between the villages of Monodendri and Koukouli and ends near the village Vikos. In addition village Monodendri has the most tourists as you have a spectacular view to Vikos gorge from this point. In the centre of the village you have Rizario Exhibition Culture Centre with nice handcraft and photography exhibitions. Central Zagori has the most famous stone bridges and monasteries in Zagori, don’t miss them if you are nearby. Villages like Dilofo, Kipoi are just some of the 20 villages in this section.


Consist of 16 villages which has the oldest villages in the area. Further this part of Zagori is for nature lovers, hikers, scouts and hunters. On your way up to the very east you find the villages Greveniti, Elatochori, Vouvousa and Perivoli among others. I have been to Vouvousa twice as its at least a few hours drive from Ioannina city. Above all nature lovers can enjoy the national forrest of Pindos and the river Aoos which flows through the village.

Mikro Papingo
Megalo Papingo
Aristi bridge