Bride to be?

Your wedding is quite possibly the most photographed day of your life. And of course you want your wedding makeup to be perfect! I asked the beautician Stella Drakou about her 5 best makeup tips every bride should know to feel and look gorgeous on her wedding day. 

Five makeup tips every bride should know:

1. Book a makeup trial after you chosen your wedding dress or at least decided on a wedding style. Wear something white and bring some photos representing the makeup style you love!

2. Choose a lipstick or lip balm  you feel comfortable with. Cheeks and lips tend to disappear in photos so my advice is to choose a slightly brighter shade.

3. Schedule a facial is important because how expensive the makeup products can be, they cannot have the best results on an untended skin. Its also a good idea to let your beautician apply a hydrating face mask a few days before your wedding day.

4. Drink a lot of water the days before your big day. Get enough rest and sleep the day before to keep not only your physical and mental health but also your appearance on top!

5. Find a makeup artist who knows the secrets of a long lasting makeup. This isn’t the time to let your friends who watches YouTube tutorials to flex their skills. You want to call a professional who is experienced to be sure that your makeup will last all day and all evening!

Stella Drakou is a beauty therapist and teacher graduated from the international Beauty and Spa & Therapy School Cidesco in Stockholm. “I love the creative part of my job, see my clients glow and smile whether this is the bride or a woman who needs that special care for a special occasion”.

If you’re looking for photographer to capture your wedding moments in Sweden or in Greece  get in touch with me to explore your options. More getting ready moments in my portfolio.

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