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Rethymnon in 13 photos

My family comes from the mainland in Greece. I have traveled to many islands through the years but never been to Crete until recently. Now I understand why it´s such a popular destination. Crete is the largest island in Greece and its geographical position have made the people love and grow their land. Olive groves, orange trees or vineyards can be seen after the roads. Above all the Cretan cuisine is delicious, more about the gastronomic culture on the island in this blogpost.

Are you going to Crete this summer? If you choose Rethymnon then you will be able to make day trips to the east and to the west side of the island. Or just explore what is around this city. Here are my best culture tips and Rethymnon in 13 photos.

By the dockside

The lighthouse

Fortezza castle

Fortezza is built on the hill Paleokastro (means old castle) under the Venetian regime. The Venetians built it to protect the city from the Ottoman occupation. Despite the big castle the Turks conquered the city in the 1600s. In addition the fortress was destroyed during the second World War but is renovated and a mosque and two churches from the 1800s have been preserved.


Preveli Monastery is located 37 km from Rethymnon in a beautiful hill overlooking the water of Preveli beach. The monastery is consisted of two main building complexes, the Lower (Kato) Monastery and the Rear (Pisso) Monastery  which is in operation today. Nevertheless the beach where the river Grand River opens into the sea, is located about 2 km from the lower Monastery. You will reach the beach within 15 minutes, just walk down the stairs down the hill to the beach. 

Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi Monasterys church was built in 1587 by Italian architects and was heavily influenced by the renaissance art. However I’m more impressed over the interiors and beautiful colour of ochre on the walls. So nice to be a monk here and have time for reflection and inner thought in this beautiful environment. I captured a lot of photos here and in the Rethymnon are, more than 13 actually. You will find them in my Instagram feed!

Facades in old town

Exploring the alleys

Picturesque streets

Saint Theodoros church Fortezza Castle

View from Fortezza Castle

The church in Preveli Monastery

Preveli Monastery

Preveli beach

Arkadi Monastery

Inside Arkadi Monastery

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